Patio Doors

Patio Doors

Warm, Secure And Relaxed – It’s The Wise Choice

When you chose an in-line sliding Patio door, you’re making a wise decision. Of course, you’re choosing style, but you’re also deciding to have a warmer, brighter home that works for the way you want to live. You’re opting for security, energy-efficiency and low maintenance.

You’re making the choice for guaranteed quality by choosing the door that you want, built for you, to your exact specification. Every Patio door is bespoke and every one has our attention to detail, our service and our support included as standard.

Technically advanced doors that look fantastic – that’s a very wise decision.


Light enhances our mood: quite simply, it makes us feel good. What better way than to let more natural daylight in, than with beautifully designed, floor to ceiling, sliding patio doors?

Creating a bright, airy space is easy with a Patio door. The clean lines of our slim frames ensure that the glass area is maximised. You see more of the view and less of the door. With our range of styles, the size is up to you: anything from a simple and elegant 2 pane design to a whole wall of glass.

If you’ve got a great garden or a fantastic view – make the most of it, and fill your home with light.


Its not always about how much space you have, but more about how you use it. It just takes a little imagination.

If your dining room is too small for entertaining, open up the space onto the patio or decking area. If your garden’s tiny, make the most of a balcony with space saving sliding doors. If you’ve nowhere to work or study – build a garden office, filled with light but still snug against the elements.

As our lifestyles change, our homes can change too. Divide internal spaces, open up old rooms, build new ones – be flexible, adapt and live with spaces beautifully designed and enhanced with top quality sliding doors.


Every home is different, but from sleek modern architecture to cosy rural retreats an in-line sliding Patio door fits perfectly. It’s because we’ve paid attention to detail, to getting the features right and to making them flexible. It’s about allowing you to choose what you want. Your choice of frame style, finish and colour. Your choice of layout, handles and security features. If you want to match your existing glazing, that’s fine. If you want something different, that’s fine too.

Whatever your choice, you can be assured that the beauty you’ve picked is more than skin deep and is backed up by our brilliant engineering.

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